Steven Wilson / The Future Bites unboxing video – all formats

Steven Wilson‘s long awaited new album, The Future Bites, is released today. SDE takes a close look at the ‘limited edition deluxe box set’ version along with the other individual formats. Watch the video…

The Future Bites is out now.

Steven Wilson official store The Future Bites:

The Future Bites Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set
CD 1 – The Future Bites

  1. Unself
  2. Self
  3. King Ghost
  4. 12 Things I Forgot
  5. Eminent Sleaze
  6. Personal Shopper
  7. Man of the People
  8. Follower
  9. Count of Unease

CD 2 – The Future Bites – Instrumentals
CD 3 The Future Bites – Bonus Content

  1. Personal Shopper (Extended Remix)
  2. Unself (Long Version)
  3. Ha Bloody Ha
  4. Move Like A Fever
  5. King Ghost (Extended Remix)
  6. I Am Cliché
  7. Wave The White Flag
  8. Eminent Sleaze (Extended Remix)
  9. In Pieces
  10. Every Kingdom Falls

Disc 4: The Future Bites Blu-ray
Features the album in

  • 96/24 Stereo LPCM
  • DTS-Master Audio 5.1
  • 96/24 5.1 LPCM
  • Dolby Atmos

Instrumentals (in stereo)
King Ghost
Eminent Sleaze
Personal Shopper

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